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Drug Rehab Center

Adolescent Treatment Facilities for Troubled Teen

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. They all want their kids to be healthy and safe. But some problems go beyond parental control. No one ever envisions their child developing a drug or alcohol problem. But no matter how much you talk to your kids about the dangers of substance abuse, it doesn’t guarantee they will apply those lessons. If your child is struggling with addiction, the professionals at Drug rehab can help them get their life back on track. Young adults are extremely impressionable and they can easily become addicted to drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons. Some feel peer pressure from their friends to drink and use drugs, while others use them as a way to cope with the stress of everyday life. Drug rehab offers a full service 45-day program for young adults ages 14 to 17. They accept both boys and girls but they keep the both genders separate to avoid distractions.

Treatments at Drug rehab include detox, dual diagnosis, group and individual therapy, discharge planning and aftercare arrangements. Their facility is full care treatment center. They provide housing, meals, laundry and everything else their residents need on a daily basis without having to go outside for anything. Their small group format limits activities to no more than six to ensure residents receive all the focus and care they need to flourish and turn their life around. They accept most major insurance providers and private payment options so everyone can get the help they need. Call them today at (508) 876-4878 and find a treatment program that can help your teen get sober once and for all.

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